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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
7:44 pm
Hi. This is Erin, usher and house manager from '99-'03.

I suppose I was notorious at Pick for a few things -- working every Jeffrey Siegel concert, the only house manager to ever kick music students out of the balcony during a SWE concert, taking too many shifts. I enjoyed my time at Pick, though, and I do miss it these days.

I graduated in 2003 with a double major in math and American History, and left Evanston all chipper and optimistic, bound for a Teach For America teaching job (high school algebra) in Baltimore, Maryland. I moved all of my belongings to a friend's mom's house near D.C. and boarded an Amtrak to New York City in late June for training.

Three and a half weeks later, I was on an Amtrak bound for Boston, leaving TFA, exhausted, slightly sick, and, I'll admit, pretty upset.

The details are too much to get into as to why I left, but it was a combination of sheer exhaustion and illness. Friends of mine from NUIT (snafuuu and ratatosksv) agreed to let me stay with them in Boston for a few weeks while I regrouped. A month later, I managed to land a job at Harvard, of all places. I work for FAS Computer Services (basically IT for the undergraduate, graduate, and extension schools); I manage the fas.harvard.edu email accounts system, and I work with the computer security group. It's an immensely interesting job -- occasionally frustrating and stressful, but interesting -- and I thank my lucky stars every day that I somehow found a job that fit my previous experience as well as this one does, and gives me a chance to learn a whole lot. (Harvard's benefits - including $40 graduate classes - are pretty awesome.)

So these days I spend my time constantly reminiscing about Pick. Actually, no - I don't think about it that much anymore, but I do miss it. Boston is expensive, but it's a good place to be.

My journal is friends-locked, not because I'm particularly interesting, but because I have very inquisitive employees and I have no doubt that they could find me if they wanted. Two of my former employees are now part of the management staff of The Facebook, so I'm sure finding my livejournal wouldn't be hard. If you want to read about my weird family, and the goings-on at Harvard, just let me know (regressing@livejournal.com), and I'll add you.

P.S. The SWE thing? I only did it because Mallory was complaining that they were noisy.

P.P.S. My New Year's Resolution is for leadsynth to have sex with someone, anyone, anywhere in Pick-Staiger, during a Jeffrey Siegel concert. Please? For me?
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
12:31 pm
Pick Pictures!
And now for a few Pick pics, and one big-ass montage.

orange!Collapse )

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
9:32 pm
Hi! Welcome to workatpick, the crazy brainchild of leadsynth, her sister lindseykuper, myself (zerbie) and meterbridge. We are at a party, and have ascended descended to new heights lows of dorkiness because we've spent all this time creating workatpick for current and former Pick-Staiger staffers.

So. I'm Pam, and I worked at Pick for five years. I started as stage crew, back when there was such a thing*, and progressed to graphic designer and web manager. I did not design the current web site, but I designed the one before it. I also spent one summer working in all the departments: I sold tickets, answered the phones, designed and posted all the posters, made all the programs, recorded and mastered all the concerts, and generally spent more time at Pick than I really needed to. Because, Pick!

I'll be making Pick icons as soon as I have art, which should hopefully be soon. In the meantime, Pick stories! I know you want to. Also you should suggest more interests. We're tech-staff heavy, so if you happen to know the name of, say, the ticketing system (I've wiped it from my memory), let us know!

*I have been assured that the stage crew has not been replaced by robots, but rather has a different name. Whatever. I'm old school.

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