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Hi! Welcome to workatpick, the crazy brainchild of leadsynth, her sister lindseykuper, myself (zerbie) and meterbridge. We are at a party, and have ascended descended to new heights lows of dorkiness because we've spent all this time creating workatpick for current and former Pick-Staiger staffers.

So. I'm Pam, and I worked at Pick for five years. I started as stage crew, back when there was such a thing*, and progressed to graphic designer and web manager. I did not design the current web site, but I designed the one before it. I also spent one summer working in all the departments: I sold tickets, answered the phones, designed and posted all the posters, made all the programs, recorded and mastered all the concerts, and generally spent more time at Pick than I really needed to. Because, Pick!

I'll be making Pick icons as soon as I have art, which should hopefully be soon. In the meantime, Pick stories! I know you want to. Also you should suggest more interests. We're tech-staff heavy, so if you happen to know the name of, say, the ticketing system (I've wiped it from my memory), let us know!

*I have been assured that the stage crew has not been replaced by robots, but rather has a different name. Whatever. I'm old school.
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