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The Loyal Order of the DAT
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011, albert pick jr., approximate times, arts circle, band staph, being crazy pick dorks, bending back the blinds, broken music stands, cable management, changing light bulbs, chicago chamber musicians, choral risers, chorale, chris tondini, concertline, contemporary music ensemble, corinne frada pick, csrs, d.o., dean dobrowski, dean montgomery, dep heads, department of redundancy department, dick van kleeck, digital audio tape, dubmasters, evanston, fake plastic plants, fucking in the booth, fucking operas at cahn, fucking risers, fuzzy stands, gary at sir speedy, getting paid, going to norris, grove dictionary of music, guest artists, hating 81-minute-long concerts, hating jeffrey siegel, hating nhsmi, hauling choral risers upstairs, hexagons, house manager reports, house managers, jazz band, jazz combos, jazz night, judith willoughby, lack of pens, lightnin', lutkin, lutkin society, mallory thompson, mcr, midwest young artists, millar chapel, moving those fucking walls, nhsmi, north shore concert band, northwestern school of music, northwestern university, not-for-profit, nuco, nuso, orange, orange shag carpet, orchestra staph, partying on the roof, philharmonia, pick me t-shirts, pick-staiger concert hall, printable cdrs, pro tools free, program staff, pronouncing "staiger" correctly, regenstein, retracted vs. extended, robert g. hasty, ryan nelson, siggy, solo vs. orchestra piano, stage managers, stephen alltop, swe, symphonic band, tech reports, tech staff, that stupid buzzer, the balcony, the banana thing, the cage, the cage fridge, the catwalk, the clouds, the coat room, the cove, the curtains, the dressing room, the former light booth, the hanging pair, the key box, the lakefill, the loading dock, the lobby, the mic box, the new recording booth, the new sound system, the orchestra library, the pick-staiger private collection, the recording booth, the rehearsal room, the snake, the stage, the stage manager desk, the zoo, university singers, ushers, victor yampolsky, walkie-talkies, winter chamber music festival, work study, work@pick, working at pick, yellow rehearsal room lights, yet another technical director,